Week 2 – Keeping it Simple

There are so many things we can do to live more sustainably that really don’t take much time or effort and actually can make life simpler for you all round.  Take the example of going paperless.  Are you still getting your bank statements sent to you through the post?  Think about the resources it takes to get those bits of paper to you, let alone the actual paper itself.  Making the switch to just one bill or statement coming through online instead, makes a huge impact.  If you transfer this across to businesses, going paperless saves huge amounts of resources. According to Forbes online, businesses in the US waste $8 BILLION a year on managing paper.  Imagine if that $8 BILLION were redirected positively into the environment.

Let’s go back to our home then.  If we think about keeping things simple.  How about a straightforward Spring Clean.  As you tackle the various areas in your house that need a clear out (in our case, EVERYWHERE needs a clear out) here’s what will happen;

  • You will find that spatula/tennis racket/pair of gloves/wrapping paper that you thought had gone forever and you were going to replace.
  • You will free up space therefore realizing you don’t actually need to buy that new cupboard or storage box or whatever
  • You will gain a whole load of goodies that you can take to the charity shop or sell on used sites or gift as preloved which feeds again into the positive circle of buying less new items
  • You’ll feel great!

There are in fact a zillion things you can do which will positively enhance your life, other people’s lives and of course, this poor overloaded planet. 

Kate x