Tweak of the Week – Week 1

Awareness & Action

In truth, I had a totally different theme planned for this week but then an Instagram post came zinging through from the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust this morning about our beloved bees and I felt I had to focus on them this week.  It got me thinking about how awareness is such an important part of trying to live more sustainably. We need to be really, really aware that there is a huge problem that needs lots of little solutions (big solutions are needed too of course but that is not what I am focusing on right now). 

So take the plight of the bees.  Most of us are probably aware that bees are having a tough time.  Are you aware though (I wasn’t until about half an hour ago) that the government has given the go ahead for sugar beet farmers to be able to use a BANNED bee-harming pesticide called neonicotinoid thiamethoxam.  According to the Wildlife Trusts, we have already lost approximately half of our insect life already.  HALF! Now watch it decline even faster.  

The Wildlife Trusts have put out a call to action asking for people to tweet their PMs.  Here’s the link:

You can find out more by following them @thelincswildlifetrust

So this all got me thinking about awareness.  How can we be more aware and therefore take more action to lead more sustainable lives?  Well, we can join groups that interest us, either on Facebook or in real life.  Connecting with like minded people means we are more likely to and to continue to Take Small Steps Together.  I have recently discovered a movement called @goodgym where runners keep fit by volunteer gardening, usually in community gardens.  Here’s the link:

How cool is that!



Take Small Steps Together

Have a great week.

Kate x