When was the last time that you stopped? Stopped & reconnected to yourself?

We are delighted to announce a monthly lunchtime meditation session to be held upstairs at the Stables on the first Friday of each month. 

I have practiced meditation for about a year and find it an incredibly grounding and life affirming experience.  Places are limited and booking is essential through Eventbrite. Find out more about the course below!

If you can’t remember the last time or you’re mind is whirring with thoughts of “I don’t know how” then you’re in the right place. 

Start the month intentionally with our monthly meditation & journaling session.These at The Old Stables Studios, are a chance for you to simply stop for 45 minutes and slow down. 

One of my meditation students describes our sessions as her gateway into her meditation practise, they allow her to reset & remind herself that she’s so much happier if she takes this time for herself. 

Our 45 minute session fits perfectly into your lunch hour, allowing you time and space in your day to start your month on a positive note. The first thirty minutes are a focused meditation followed by 15 minutes of guided journaling (with coffee). These sessions of self-enquiry meditation followed by journaling invite you to set an intention for the month ahead. To become clear in what you want to prioritise in your life & create the opportunity to simply be. 

Please bring yourself, a journal & a pen, everything else is provided. Class size is limited to 5 people to ensure safe distancing can be observed.

Book a session here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/monthly-meditation-tickets-175058483637

A message from Beth:

Hello my loves,

I’m Beth, a lover of all things slow living & Scandi inspired. Hence the name A Lagom Life. Lagom is a swedish term meaning not too much and not too little. A principle I live by.

My own search for a more lagom life has been an eventful one! For many years I was a teacher (and later a senior leader, research champion and mentor for trainees), this was a job I loved and one that has equipped me with the skills I now use as a meditation guide & wellbeing coach however it also sadly took it’s toll on my physical and emotional health.

My journey from being in so much pain I couldn’t walk up the stairs to now has been one that has taken huge amounts of work, self-discovery and an adoption of all of the things I advocate on this site. I promise I have lived it so that I am able to bring you this information from a place of authenticity. To say that intention, meditation and essential oils changed my life would be an understatement. They have supported my pain, my mental health and helped me come out the other side.

Sharing what I know now with you brings such joy & I hope that together we can create a little more Lagom in your life.